THIS and THIS and THIS : Spilled InkAsParkersIs
to hope and to worth
  • these two familiar words
    yet so unfamiliar
    if you are
    happen to
    be friends with them
    you are
    one of the luckiest people
    of fucking course
    I am not
    one of those
    the hope - I know what it means
    yet I don't know what it means
    the worth - I know this one too
    but what exactly is my worth?
    the hope - a four letter word
    you would be lucky to have it
    they say it is the only good thing out of Pandora's box
    I thought hope would be in everyone's heart
    hope - what is it? what is it? what is it?
    what exactly is it?
    how does it feel to have this?
    worth - another word one says we all have it
    do we? do we? do we?
    well fuck I obviously am not one to have it
    what is my worth? what is my worth?
    this is like a line from a song stuck in my head
    if you are
    reading this
    I sincerely hope
    that you have
    hope and that
    you know
    your worth
    because you probably
    deserve them

    - evan - 


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