FROM ME TO WHO?bturkphiphek

  • *the main idea behind this writing is to illustrate the event when I, personally, encountered one of the 7 sins.*

    ,. _____________________________________ .,

    Knock Knock
    Who is there?
    O, silent, not an unusual answer
    I glanced through the tiny hole upon the door
    Not quite a stranger I saw behind that barrier
    though I have no intention to welcome the visitor inside

    Knock, Knock
    O, silent was there to remain.

    The visitant was the man in red.
    I have always known who he was.
    Oppositely, I have encountered this guest for countless occasions.
    Mayhap I did not understand him.

    Although, I was not convinced he is actually a man.
    His groaning voices instead makes me assume he might be a bear.

    The knocking noise became laborious and vulgarer
    Those howling sounds seem further threatening every minute pass by.
    I was not prepared for this company,
    the stranger who covered in red.
    Cowardice provokes me to hide from the guest I did recognize.

    Behold, there are things about the visitor
    thy shall be frightened.

    O, thy would understand me I suppose
    See, every time this guest encounter someone,
    I deem he hypnotizes them.
    I assume he takes authority.

    I remembered clearly,
    I was not myself.

    the man converted me into his shells
    Or he invaded inside my form.
    senses were shut
    I became deaf, 

    Once he took over all of me;
    I did not sigh.

    The world appears to be a chaotic place when I was one with him.
    I perceived a few visions which are worthy of the red monster.
    I heard what he believes was the truth.
    O, those non-civilized terms were excellent selections,
    according to my controller.

    O, thy must be prying to know the severest part of him
    Among his touch, he could throb the purple hyacinth garden.
    Amidst his glance, thy alstroemeria will soon be corpsed.
    O, by his gasp, all those violets I maintained were disappeared.

    There goes the red monster.
    breaking my barrier and stepping into my home vigorously
    The red bear bit me and consumed me alive.
    Mine fleshes shivered as if I wanted to be departed from my bones,
    Seeking peace that the bear would never allow.
    My eyes became watery from the rise in frustration.
    My ears were shut by its groaning.
    My stomach was aching from the failure of pushing the monster away.
    My nails were pinned within my arms,
    pressing harder and deeper
    till I felt the warmth of my veins,
    convince that this evening was short-lived.

    O, once again, I was not myself.
    O, once again, that wrath has visited me.

    ,. _______________________________________ .,

    Ps. Petunia symbolizes anger


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