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porcelain dolls

  • (the song is my inspiration. 
    However, this article does not necessarily match with the lyrics of the song.) 

    * This writing based on the event when I wondered what if "my image" and "me that is unsure about my identity" talking to each other?*

    O, sweet little child
    queried not much, just prosperity.
    You shall uprise with that smile of yours.
    if your desires were the green apples of Eden,
    then you must be assured.
    if racing was the shoe, you instead slipped,
    O, careful young one, I uttered
    the truth will ravage your living.

    O, sweet tiny porcelain doll, I whispered.

    Forthwith that stubborn head you contained rested against your knees.
    Your joints quivering as the orphan fowl.
    Cursing sounds slobber out one after another,
    like demons accusing over the mercy they never once received.
    drops falling, covering pale, crooked grimace.

    I remain tranquil,
    observing youth and innocence faded away.

    O, beloved child, you used to be.
    Your weeps now remind me of sparrows.
    Defeated, I knew you would be.
    Weaknesses, I knew you would be afraid to conquer.
    Still, I threw that fragile form of yours away.

    O, my precious loving puppet
    play along as I twirled your head around.
    Those strings I held then slice through your fragile form.
    Was that sorrow I saw in your eyes?
    Was that madness I saw behind the gloomy visions you reflected?

    Darling, I have no require to pain you

    Then what you feared (to become) grown as mine.
    O, I might be that sparrow
    Still, you must obey me,
    You must accept me,
    I groaned with an aching chest.
    Grip tight till these fiend's blood appeared under me trembling skins.

    That strength I kept suddenly vanished,
    leaving my voices converted as an echo.
    Those phantom threads I held then cast through my shell,
    crumpling perception to be part of the soils.
    That cognizance I obtain then sunk to emptiness,
    That weakness you held then reformed as my bones,
    That beam you held then gone vanished. 

    Omitting two lost souls wandered with each other.
    Your laugh then pierced through my ears,
    accompanied by the sobbing play you still perform.

    the devil's symphony has been played.

    O, sweet little porcelain doll you were
    queried not much, just prosperity.
    You shall uprise from that trembling knees of yours.
    If your desires were escaping the Eden,
    then you must be assured.
    if escaping was the shoe you preferred,
    O, be a thoughtful young one, I grumbling
    the truth will consume your existence.
    you disdainfully whispered back through my vain.

    I then heard the mourning screams came out from meself,
    the sharp cold needles pierced through my shrivel skins.
    Nails scratching against the walls seeking to escape the torment
    Momentarily you are observing me.

    I then remembered my surroundings,
    many puppets of myself like you then looked and pity me.
    I then remembered who I was.
    I then remembered who you were.
    O, such dreary souls, we have become.
    mirages of yours then vanished with the breeze of realization.

    How many pieces of yourself have you been abandoned?

    I questioned myself while passing many of my tombs,
    in one mind cemetery.

    ,. _______________________________________ .,



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