FROM ME TO WHO?bturkphiphek

  • surrounded by ashen hazes
    witnessed void aside from the obscure path
    while one observed,
    thine invisible hands thrust me to wander
    alternately searching the pandora box
    shall dive, thou muttered through the mist

    I obeyed,

    faded salvations,
    colorless fumes,
    cold, shivery, thou lured me into the ore tunnel
    thy palms turned stiff
    I then heard the symphony,
    fleshes against partitions
    I stumbled,

    thou sneered disdainfully,

    where was I going?
    I queried
    now my dear youth has ended
    left body with osseins and fruitless souls
    who shall I accuse?
    I am deafened, blamed on the pit
    I am blind, blamed on the smog
    I am dulled,
    now I shall blame the force thou provoked
    o, sweet little bird

    I still recall thy lullaby

    I wondered
    when I have been displayed in front of thy eyes
    could I reach to that gentle harmony again?

    thy holds then disappeared

    ,. __________________________________ .,


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