FROM ME TO WHO?bturkphiphek
lost sinner?

  • Oh shall I committed as a sinner
    no, I will still question

    knees writhed, 
    teeth grounded,
    hands compressed against themselves,
    ears scratching escaping from parsimonious, unfulfilled wishes

    I then converted as one with the land
    conversely, tiny rock thou shall presume

    The four Anemoi wraths cut through this rusty flesh
    aggressively reached through the shattered spines
    bitter touches accompanying with thou whispers
    I sure was trembling

    oh, I pray I was delusional,
    oh, I pray, wishing my eyes were as parched as a badlands,
    oh, I pray until my craving has been satisfied,
    till then, I shall show no sign of grief.

    ironically, I exhume the old shell, descending to the melancholy hill,
    dear lord, I cried,
    I glanced over,

    beneath myself,
    I saw a girl who soon I could be
    preferentially who I was, thou might perceive

    the miss sported ivory at me,
    I then reiterated my pray

    ., _______________________________________ .,



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