FROM ME TO WHO?bturkphiphek

  • *This writing based on the society and family pressure, causing youths to suffer from all external environments and the internal factors, plus the conflict between the process of becoming an adult that the writer has experienced*


    O, since these eyes have opened,
    I have held the crown like a King
    O, beast, thou said once become a king I must be ruthless
    Though the saint whispered empathy is sacred
    Held it within death,
    Place them higher than pride,
    I served the sage while the devil condemned disdainfully from beneath.

    Lots of visitants came to knock around the gate
    later some choose to stay
    later some decide to leave,
    most leave me pain
    most make me pray to forget
    most called themselves friends,
    but still, blind me with their needs and desires
    nevertheless, I must be kind
    Empathize will aid thee to rise,
    The preacher whispered.
    While the threads from thy desires were knitted
    and these angels' doctrines converted as strings.
    I then learned how to survive from thy choking hands.

    Once there is a tower in the middle of the city
    The time keeps moving backward
    quite unusual,
    I then realized I do have Thanatos to greet.

    O, if I do realize I must turn to ash and soil,
    then why must I act as a giver
    then why must I pretend to be kind
    while others have taken part in me away?
    Thou who I thought as a lifelong company then carved my soul
    Well, there must be the dumb one in this world
    who is willing to leave their pieces torn apart by others
    the great one shall remain
    while the prey shall be consumed
    I shivered as the breeze from the underground embracing me

    The demon greets me with a luxurious bottle of poison.
    The stamp suggested I shall drink these to abate them scares

    O, there is not much time to waste!

    one after another to cover the cognizance
    these angel threads then started to dim away
    O, what an unfortunate, I still know strings still held on to me
    O, what unforgivable parasite thou have put me through
    O, mother forgive me for being such burdens
    O, father forgive me those fiends you scroll they now my companion
    O, brother forgive me I then slipped apart from expectations thou held
    O, God forgive me for ever failed to follow thou as the believer

    O, there is not much time to waste! 
    as the blood of the demon started to convert into my veins
    I then become the commoner of dull spirits

    Selfishness, I beg him to conquer me.
    Anger, I pray for him to consume me alive
    Greediness, I bow my head for him to take the throne
    All the sins, all the fiends, 
    I do pray thou would visit me once the time has come.
    While these broken bones have become thy servants
    What have thou seen inside those torment ores
    Was it ignorance,
    Was it arrogance,
    Was it powerless,
    Was it just pieces of wasted rubbish thou have been disgusted?

    Atlas before the bird began chirping
    Can I be the selfish one without guilt
    if being selfish thus makes thou stronger
    I shall have the right to be one of them.
    The last scene these dull eyes perceived was my own torment self
    One who was disappointed by the beliefs within her companions
    One who was torture by others' expectations
    One who was crushed by the systems her ancestors proudly built
    One who was pressured to receive a title such as a burden from her nest
    O, that young one now then has taken away

    now that young one has held the bottle from the devil,
    closest to her broken heart.
    Forthwith that child has been drowned in her own ocean of tears.
    Momentarily that lost sheep has breathing slower,
    as the soul has been pulled away.
    The phantom thread then slowly lose apart
    as the rhythm of my breath has ended
    and the door of this fraud city that has been sealed

    Once there is a tower in the middle of the city
    The time keeps moving backward
    quite unusual,
    Though if thou look up closer,
    the clock has been stopped since.



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