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Power against People

  • How far can we go when we are in the middle of nowhere?

    The nowhere, where the authorities are wearing masks, put blinds to cover their cruelty, brutality, and dishonesty, where the media take side with politicians who are abusing humanity, where the glimpses of life and hopes were extinct as if it never existed.

    They have been feeding us with fiction. To make us believe the alternative reality that they have provided. To make it at ease when they order us around. They have been teaching us how to lose our individuality, wiped out our authenticity, bravery, for turning us into slavery. 

    O your highness, you do love us. I saw that evidently from the way you are looking down at us, the citizens, crushing hopes, dreams, and passions by greed and selfishness, can never be enough to fulfill. 

    Unfortunately, the place we live in now has priced papers rather than our lives.

    Unfortunately, we are all living in fear for our lives, frightened of the attacks from the people who claimed that they would use legislation to protect us.

    Unfortunately, our voices can not be heard; compliments to the media, they did a magnificent job in fooling other nations and certain brainwashed-robots. Though we still scream, we shout, we fight, we resist.

    We are all like plant seeds that will become stronger than bricks and robots like them. Though it seems like where we are right now, the unliving creatures are taking over seeds like us, demolishing our possibility of growing, from seeds will become trees, trees will turn into a forest. 

    However, they know that we will grow and become stronger than them. Our roots will crush their infrastructure and systems if they let us grow. They want us to become hopeless, greedy, selfish, coldhearted ones just like them. Because they want to use us, control us, and every part of us, from living lovely trees, they want bricks for building their houses. They want stones to create statues; they want our skins and lives to produce more coins, foods, and luxurious lifestyles.

    They saw us as if we are objects, lower than living things.

    They think they can throw us away if we are broken.

    Well, they need to think again.

    Because we are the people who will fight, we will not surrender to oppression and abuse anymore!

    Fight, people

    Keep holding

    We must not give up

    Because we have purposes, visions, beliefs, and hopes for humanity to rise, for receiving back justice taken by the hierarchy, for fairness to be received back to the people in our society, for our rights that have been ripped away since we were born. 

    For taking what belongs to ours

    For our children, for our friends, for our dreams.

    For every one of us, who has suffered from this rotten system.

    ., ___________________________________ ,.

    keep fighting.


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