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Female Non-Contraceptive Behaviour: The Mystery Behind It.
  • Female Non-Contraceptive Behaviour: The Mystery Behind It.

              The world nowadays has evolved a lot in many aspects of technology, and contraceptive methods are one of those. These days, there are pills, implants, the rings, and various types of condoms. On the other hand, it is amazingly surprising that Thailand still has an increasing number of teen and young moms every year. It shows that Thai females neglect the use of birth controls. Looking back at my times in high school, I remember it quite well that contraception utility and usage are taught, the teacher, female teacher even uses the dildo as a model for students to do a condom put-on test. I, myself do not believe that it is because their lack of knowledge makes them unaware of using birth controls. They just intentionally do not use them, what I have to find are the reasons. From the surveys that I have conducted, it turns out that most people have the knowledge, but the actual barriers are the relationship dynamic between women and men and the conflict between women and society which are shown to be prominent in the survey result. Both barriers put pressure on women which forces them to decide not to use birth control. From100% of respondents, we can see that only 18.6% of the respondents lack of knowledge about contraception methods. On the other hand, 45.5% of them are afraid that their male partners would not agree on condom usage if the respondents buy it for them and may have a fight over it, 27.3% said they have a financial issue to afford contraceptives alone, and 13.6% are afraid that they will have to be responsible of providing contraceptives alone if they started or offered their partner to use them. Moreover, 31.8% are too embarrassed to buy contraceptives, fearing the social judging puts upon them. From the results, we can see clearly that even though the time has passed for decades, women are not really equal to men in the relationship in terms of power to make demand or negotiate, they basically have to rely on men's decision for relationship-related issue such as sex. Also, sex are still a topic that people looked down on while it should be viewed as normal in the twentieth century. Women are still beheld with a disgusting look when buying contraceptives, even if it is to protect themselves from STDs and pregnancy.

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