Youth Matters youthmatters

For almost a year, Thai youth have been pressing for change in a peaceful pro-democracy movement, demanding the dissolution of parliament, a new charter, an end to military harassment, and extraordinary reforms to the monarchy. Now, rallies have spread from university students to high school students. Unfortunately, because Thai youth just have a different idea what constitutes the nation, they are sometimes accused of being “nation haters” by conservatives. However, we see “Youth” as beacon of hope amid political injustice, and believe that their voices must be listened and heard. To amplify the voice of youth, we, students of Literary Non-Fiction course (LT366) of English Language and Literature at Thammasat University, compiled the stories and experiences of Thai youth into the first volume called, “Youth Matters.” It contains 13 exhaustive articles dealing with Youth and Beauty standards; Youth and Education; Youth and Religion; Youth and Gratitude; Youth and Social Media; Youth and Creative Media; Youth and BL Series; Youth and Sexual Harassment; Youth and K-pop; Youth and Authoritarianism in Schools; Youth and Non-Contraceptive Behavior; Youth and Memes; and Youth and Hookup Culture. We hope you enjoy reading our articles, and feel free to reply with any questions or opinions. - editor (Kid-dhi)