#3 Ways to Happiness and Self-careFon Nannapath
#3 Ways to Happiness and Self-care
  •                            We love ourselves more than anyone else. The things we take are often for our advantages and sometimes, we give others much less than we need to. Giving is one of the keys to happiness and happiness that comes from the giver is indescribable. Giving yourself time for self-reflection and self-care also essential and vital when it comes to finding happiness in yourself. Once you light up the happiness in you, you will be able to give happiness to others unconditionally. 

    How you can take care of yourself

                               Most of you might be familiar with the word “Self-care isn’t selfish.” I believe it is true when you intentionally focus on doing good to yourself but do not harm others, both directly and indirectly. Self-care is the key to happiness and self-confidence.

    Here are the keys to taking care of yourself:

    • Sleep well
    • Eat healthily
    • Do what you love
    • Talk positively
    • Think positively
    • Focus on the good


                               For me, positivity is something that could change yourself clearly because your actions will start to change from your mindset. I sometimes read inspirational books and listen to the podcast which could make myself think and act positively. Don’t be a fault-finder. Some people automatically focus on the faults and negativity on things that are not necessary. Focusing on the good and be happy on the simple little things make you feel good no matter how the world changes. There will always be the good and the bad side, it only depends on how you look at it.

    Who are toxic people and what should you do about them?

                               Toxic people are only the ones who make you feel worse and vulnerable. Someone who makes you feel down and become less-confident, they are less likely to give you encouragement, help, and love. But you need to understand that everyone is different regarding our different backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives, etc. They have their reasons for doing something which might harm you, all you have to do is understand, accept the truth, and avoid them if possible. 

    Focusing on your love ones and someone who loves you

                               In our lives, we make friends with a lot of people but most of us have only a few close friends. Close friends could be someone who you share your life story with, someone who will love and accept who you are no matter what life takes you to. These close friends are someone who you should keep and take care of because they will be there for you in every circumstance. Once I grow up, I notice that there are people who I can’t keep or let go because of certain reasons, and I also notice that I have a few close friends. But as time goes by, I learn that they are quality people and I am so appreciated to have them around and look forward to times when we could spend together for making more meaningful memories. 

                               Someone who always loves you, the best not to ignore, is your family. They accept you and love you more than anyone else in the world since day one. Spending time with them and share your happiness and love would be an extraordinary thing to do and I could guarantee that you will not regret this chance. Your love ones and someone you love would happily live in this complex world with warmth and joy.


    I wish everyone is having a good day and always remember that you are loved no matter who you are. 

    You will always be the best version of yourself. 

    Take care.



    Fon Lalyn



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