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31 December 2018
  • Only halfway through this year, I knew it would be the year I hated the most in my life. It was the hardest and the most miserable, partly because of the goals I set by myself are way too high compared to the energy, brain and health issues I got. Today is the last day of 2018 which I am going to spend the rest of the day watching Brooklyn 99, so damn sure I couldn't get to where I wanted to be. I will just make a 2018 reflection post like everyone else does.
    Being an SEA immigrant and a woman is super hard. This place is not a utopia and I'm done talking about equality BUT "Not having a sense of belonging in a foreign country is much better than not having it at home." -- (, 2017)
    Some people told me at least I have done so many things people spent their whole life wishing they could do it, but why would I be happy knowing others couldn't get to where they want to be as well? This makes me sound like an angel but the truth is I only care about myself and I'm so greedy I want to have it all.
    It's wonderfully weird that I achieved many things I didn't plan to. I officially ended the art block I had had since I got into landscape architecture school. I dance well (as in I finally can do a swing out and got to do jam and steal once). I run with the best pace I have ever done in my life. I drive so much better I can almost get a full licence soon (this one is actually a plan and it's late). I met new people. I got many good friends. I manage to keep many of them and let some of them go. I also learned that it's difficult to love myself so I will start from respect first.
    The year is ending but my Netflix binge-watching game is not. See you in 2019


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