After the rain
  • In unstable emotional stage, I found myself being apprehensive about my future.
    The future that no one could predict, neither I nor you.

    In the chaos, I was struggling in growing up as a young adult, smart but dull.
    And still confuse who am I ?

    One day, after the heavy rain, I was literally alone with my though and teenage dream.
     My goal of life, what I had had since I was very young, had appeared to my mind.
    A bling of my eyes.

    It's quite hard to say that I regret or negligent.
    Life has to continue.

    To anyone, who are reading, you are not alone in this lonely world full of shit.
    I certainly believe that fucked up things play critical role in our lives.
    As an obstacle
    As a burden
    As a stimulator
    As the way it has to be.

    Nature, personalities, interests, and money keep us alive and we are all alive for them.
    Seeking more and expecting less are now my comfort zone.
    It's rather simple, isn't it?

    Simple is not similar to negligent.
    But sometimes, just think simply and sincerely to yourself.
    You will eventually find the way out of the labyrinth



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