#1 The Meaning of Time: Fon Lalyn's perspectiveFon Nannapath
#1 The Meaning of Time: Fon Lalyn's perspective

  • "We can use the money to buy a lot of things, but Time and Love.” 

    I heard this sentence many times repeatedly from various people. As I grow up, I believe it is undeniably true. Time and Love are meaningful and yet irreplaceable by anything. Some people define Time and Love differently through their personal experiences and beliefs. Therefore, I would like to use this opportunity of writing my first blog to share my meaning of Time with you all…

    Time is Discovery

    In the midst of 2019, I decided to withdraw from an international school in Bangkok with a belief that I may find a more flexible way of studying and to reduce costs for my parents. Also, I wanted to have a lot of time preparing for my university admission which I could be fully focused on. I took the IELTS, followed by the GED exam and received my high school diploma within 2 months. Then, it was the process of making a portfolio. In December, after I finished taking the tests and all the documents, I decided to apply to an international program at a government university in Bangkok. Fortunately, I have been accepted in January which I was very happy and joyful about this one of the steps to my success. 

    Looking back to when I was in Grade 11, I discovered that I wanted to learn more about Business and Marketing because firstly I enjoy studying the subject and it eventually becomes one of my interests. Before the university opens, I found that with plenty of time therefore it encourages me to do something more meaningful and priceless. It allows me to have time to think about myself, the present and the future. I thought about what I am going to do to make my future realistic (although it’s unpredictable) and to enjoy the time being as much as I could with my friends and family members. At the same time, to relax and chill by watching movies and listening to my favorite songs.

    I have discovered who I am and the true meaning of time through myself and the people around me. 

    Time is a Happiness

    One day, I decided to buy a new book and try to read as much as possible and also spend less time on social media (although it’s hard when you have plenty of time left). A book called ‘ความสุขกับความสำเร็จอะไรเกิดก่อนกัน (The Happiness Advantage)’ enlightened me to find happiness in daily life, which is, to find ‘3 good things’ in every day and record it, making it a habit. The author claimed that the readers who do this feel a lot better in depression and success more in their lives. I found it very interesting and I surely try to do this exercise by myself daily. I discovered that I automatically find positive things in my life and act more favorably to the people around me; this is an effective result! 

    This exercise proves that if you do something great every day as a habit, you will find happiness in every day and worry less. Thus, happiness is a feeling that money could not buy, it starts from the inner heart.


    I wish everyone is enjoying your day wherever you are. 

    A good heart leads you to a happier life. 

    Have a merry and happy day!


    Fon Lalyn


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Kitikorn Dongpong (@fb2559986534318)
Thank you for sharing your great article.
Fon Nannapath (@fb1554759094610)
@fb2559986534318 I'm glad you enjoy reading it. The new story is now available https://minimore.com/b/rPMJc/1 . Please check it out :)