daily life of an unemployed girlparchhh
from graduate student to be an #unemployed.
  • Is life that easy?

    I've always asked myself this question over and over again after graduating from university.. so due to covid-19, lots of people say that It's gonna be hard for fresh graduates to get a job. 

    At first, after hearing that, I thought with myself "maybe it's not that hard to get a job" (obviously neglectful way) because I saw friends of mine from the same uni. got a job one by one.. 

    I just realized that this is such a dangerous thought. I planned to apply for a job when I received a result of TOEIC. 

    Afterwards, I have been sending my resume to many companies but none of them contact me back. Now I already know that it's not easy at all to get a job, I'm one of the unemployed. I know there are so many people out there who are in the same situation like me but I won't give up. Even though the reality is something scary but I know I could go through it and so do you! 

    We're going to get what we've dreamed of or maybe it's a proper time to trying something new to open up our world. Good things take time..

    Is life that easy? For me, certainly, life is not easy and surely, we're going to face a problem or make a mistake which makes us worried in our lifetime but lastly, We will get through it.. yet, I still want to be alive because I have so many things to do and want to make my dreams come true.

    Like Wolfgang, from sense8 which is my favourite tv series, said that 

    "sometimes you make a mistake. you've got two choices: you live with it, or you fix it."


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