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  • Korean Hostel in Spain วาไรตี้กึ่งเรียลลิตี้ ที่เป็นเรื่อง 3 ดารารุ่นใหญ่เกาหลี ไปเปิด Hostel ดูแลกิจการกันเอง 10 วัน ที่สเปน เป็นรายการที่สนุกมาก ตลก ภาพสวย ที่สำคัญเพลงประกอบเพราะมากเด้อออ เลยลองไล่ทำ PlayList

    ดูได้ที่ Viu จ้า (Premium Member)

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep 1

    0:07:20 Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)

    0:10:00 Happy by Melissa Polinar

    0:11:10  China Dolls by Tom Odell

    0:21:24 Life of The Party by Outasight

    0:22:40 Boom by Outasight

    0:33:00 Bom Bom by Tkay Maidza & Danny L Harle

    0:35:00  Enlighten Me by DubVision, Syzz DubVision & Syzz

    0:38:00 Spend your $$$ by Walk The Moon

    0:39:30 Waving Through a Window (From Dear Evan Hansen) by Owl City

    0:41:01 I’m so tired by Lauv & Troye Sivan

    0:48:06 Ooo La La by Robin Thicke

    1:05:05 Tell Your Mother by DR.JOE

    1:09:40 Nothing Burns Like The Cold (feat. Vince Staples) by Snoh Aalegra

    1:12:24 Since or Before by Tuomo Prättälä

    1:13:54 Things Goin’ On by Lynyrd Skynyrd

    1:27:30 Baila Me by Gipsy Kings

    1:29:18 Wonder What You’re Doing for the Rest of Your Life (feat.Marsha Ambrosius) by Train

    1:30:00 Sing by Pentatonix

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep2

    0:08:15 : A la Que Cuente Tres by Seikos

    0:13:17 : Lose it by Ben I'Oncle Soul

    0:19:40 : Figure 8 (DiscoTech Remix) by Outasight

    0:38:10 : Pasa la Vida by Pata Negra

    0:42:36 : Folded Out by Stolen Jars

    1:00:12 : Shape of My heart by Sting

    1:00:48 : Mister Whizz by Jerry Reed

    1:03:28 : -

    1:05:18 : I Got the Feelin' by Rock Candy Funk Party

    1:09:00 : Verge (feat. Aloe Blacc) by Owl City

    1:11:40 : My Problem by Say Sue Me

    1:30:26 : Life of The Party by Outasight

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep3

    0:10:25 Came from Nothing by Hi Levelz

    0:19:23 Tus Fotografias by La Musicalite

    0:23:00 The Legend by Bill Justis and Jerry Reed

    0:27:20 Some Fun Now by Mechelle Weeks, Tichina Arnold, and Tisha Campbell-Martin

    0:39:10 Good Day by DNCE

    0:43:18 -

    0:49:47 라면 인 건가 by 악동 뮤지션

    0:54:40 My Side 나의 편 by PAPERCUT PROJECT

    1:01:20 Help Me by BASTARZ

    1:19:14 you're it by gabe bondoc

    1:24:58 Never Let Her Slip Away by Yannick Bovy

    1:29:12 Something I need to Know by Hurts

    1:30:12 Get Dat by Rayelle

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep 4

    1:35 Whatta Man (feat. En Vogue)

    4:00 Sexy Boy (by Air)

    6:20 Playground in My Mind (by Clint Holmes)

    9.30 The Calculation (by Regina Spektor)

    10.10 Lose My Cool (by DNCE)

    25:20 Answer : Love Myself (by BTS)

    27:10 Blue whale (by $IGA and AQUINAS)

    30:30 It Don’t Mean a Thing (by Club des Belugas)

    31:40 Les Corbeaux (French Version of When I See An Elephant Fly) by Thomas Dutronc

    32:12 It’s Tangtang ball 탱탱볼by Sultan of the Disco

    35:40 Archimède (by Thomas Dutronc)

    37:20 Mmm Love (by Bob Kelly)

    41:55 The Only Difference (feat. Justin Nozuka)

    43:43 One shot (by Hunter Hayes)

    48:00 …… (เบามาก)

    49:25 You Took Advantage of Me (by Ella Fitzgerald)

    54:44 She’s Even More Beautiful (by Yannic Bovy)

    59:40 Dang (by Bones Jugs)

    1:00:14 Rise Up Shepherd (by Twin Bandit)

    1:05:55 Anna (by Pink Martini)

    1:11: 20 Bom (by Bolbbalgan4)

    1:14:00 Let’s Burn Again (by Gush)

    1:15:15 Amor, Amor de Mis Amores (by Natalia Lafourcade)

    1:18:20 Curtain Call (by Taeyeon)

    1:22:37 Break the Rules (by Butterfly Boucher)

    1:25:54 Funny Business (by Alice Merton)

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep 5

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep 6

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep 7

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep 8

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep 9

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep 10

    Korean Hostel in Spain Ep 11



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