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please love mindfully
  • I've just realised that 
    love won't hurt us that much 
    if we love mindfully.
              Once we may love someone with all of our heart, give it all to that special one. Also, once we may face a heartbroken feeling from someone, and yes, he or she broke your heart into million pieces. Then, you feel pain, lost and empty. 

              Actually, I'd love use the word 'despairing' to describe my feeling when i was brokenhearted as what I'd lost is more than a person I love. Love was gone. And when love was gone, it did mean that happiness, warmth, laugh, hope, dreams and so many things  were gone too. 

              Some people say 'go, love like there's nothing like a broken heart or just do something like you have nothing to lose' Okay, yes, I agree with this but just to add that you should bring your consciousness with you. I know that 'love' is not just an action, it's a feeling and sometimes is absurd and illogical, but practicing to calm yourself and be aware of your emotions would help you a lot. So, try to love mindfully and you'll feel safe to love someone from a pure heart.

    Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone

    p.s. this is a 'really' random thought one :)




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