Does that matter ?mintpinkish_
Twelfth of August
  • Why on earth did you bring me to that heartbreaking situation ? 

    I dont wanna grow up. 

    Never want to. 

    I looked at her ageing, while i can do nothing to emancipate my love. 

    She smiled at me, the most precious smile ive always wanted to see. 

    But i cant do anything. 

    She raise me up to be this gentle-that-becoming-too-weak girl. It’s what people say. 

    I miss the old time when she was my whole world. If only i knew that to grow up i had to be far away from her, and one day lost her, i would only wish the time to stop, this planet earth to never spin, and this living flesh n bone to be stuffed. 

    I would wish i’d never been born.