Does that matter ?mintpinkish_
Tears dried.
  • The tears’ve never tasted good. 

    Im sittin in the back seat of the car, wishing something could hit me hard that takes my breath away. 

    I am wondering what the thing inside my head is since its been there for a while torturing my soul to ashes. 

    I cant bear that. 

    And the other half of mine cannot either. 

    I hate myself more than anyone could because theres only me who know this ruin the most. 

    I also hate the idea that any of my beloved would be dying before me. With that, im not able to live. Now im 21 years old already losing one important person who grew up along my teenage years. He was the part of me growing up. 

    I know im in pain, but i don’t know whether ill get recovered before i die. 

    I need you. 



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