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Zelda Spellman x Mary Wardwell ; Unexpected guest [EN]
  • paring: Zelda Spellman x Mary Wardwell

    universe: Chilling Adventures of Sanrina (Netflix Original TV show)

    ☆彡 witchy universe

    “My dear Dark Lord, Please, give me some strength so I could share it with her. She’s desperately in need of it right now. Amen.”

    — Mary Wardwell 
  • Spellman’s House

    [Knock. Knock.]

    Zelda reaches the door open, she found herself face-to-face with a woman. She feels so familiar.

    “Hello. You must be Sabrina’s auntie, Zelda Spellman. I’m Mary Wardwell, her teacher. I’m just stopping by to check on her. Is she here?” the woman introduced herself.

    “Yes, I am and She’s upstairs. Please come in.”

    Both of them moved to the living room quietly.

    “I’m gonna make some tea and grab Sabrina for you. Please wait here.” said Zelda.

    Mary said nothing and just nod. After noticing herself checking out Zelda’s butt while she walks out, She turns away slightly, her cheeks burning.

    Minutes later Zelda’s back with a tray of tea and Sabrina on her toes.


    “Hello Sabrina.”

    “Why are you here?”

    “Just came to check in on you, You said you didn’t feel well before.”

    “Thank you. I have a flu but Aunt Zelda took care of it already. I’m better now.”

    “I'm glad to hear that.”

    “Here you are.” Zelda hands her guest a cup of tea.

    “Thank you Mrs.Spellman.” She gives Zelda a small smile.

    “Miss.” Zelda correct.


    “Do you see any man here except my nephew?” Zelda draws her hands around as she ask.

    “N-No.” Mary shakes her head and look around. 

    There's literally no sign of a man in here.

    “That’s that.” The Blonde nodded sipping her tea.

    “Ah. I Got it. Miss.” Mary grins sheepish.

    “So if you're done with me then excuse me I have a ton of homework to finish tonight. Good night Ms.Wardwell.”

    “Goodnight Sabrina.”

    Sabrina rushes out in hurry.

    “Teenagers...” murmurs Zelda.

    “I know right. I really admire you and your sister for raising this child. Being Parents is something I want to be and also scared the false heaven out of me too.”

    “Not that hard, You’ll understand it when you have your own child to raise.”

    “Maybe one day...I want to have a little girl like Sabrina, she’s a special one you know?”

    “Since first time I saw her.”

    “She’s so much like her father.”

    “ much.”

    “Do you miss him?”

    Zelda doesn’t respond. She’s drowning deep in her own thought. Mary watch as the blonde lose herself, those gorgeous blue eyes are blurred out and her mouth part, her lips shivering. Melancholy written all over her face. 

    Zelda’s showing her vulnerability.

    Mary’s heart clench, She just want to wrap her arms around woman before her.

    “Miss, Are you alright?”

    Mary calls out and Zelda’s back to her sense.

    “I’m sorry, Ms.Waldwell. I think you should go home already. It’s dangerous out there when it’s dark.”

    “Nothing can harm me, Miss Spellman.”

    “Zelda please. It feels strange when someone calls me something but my name.”

    “Anything you want, Zelda.”

    Zelda stares at her guest for awhile. Those dark brown eyes trap her only like a maze she can’t definitely find a way out. Those thin lips quirk as a smile.

    Zelda shakes her head before gesture Mary to the door.

    “I’ll walk you out.”

    “Thank you.” Mary put her tea cup on the table and grabs her things, she’s grinning mischievously.

    “Thank you for stopping by.” Zelda bows her head a little.

    “It’s my job to keep Sabrina’s safe. You know, Edward’s last words.”

    “Thank you so much and Goodnight Ms.Wardwell.”

    “Goodnight Zelda.”

    The teacher slowly walks away, letting the darkness swallow her slim frame and then she’s gone.



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