Blood n' TearTiggerbear
Heart Eater
  • Our day has come... 

    my sin and your heart shall be blended...

    into one best meal...

    "Why can't you give me your heart..."

    "Because it's hurt..."

    "I'll take a good care of you"

    "Because it's troublesome..."

    "I'll help you and always be by your side"

    "Because it's scary..."

    "I'll hold you tightly and chase away your fear"

    "Because it's dirty"

    "...I'll never and ever tarnish you"

    "Can I? I want your heart badly, please...also, the time has come"

    "I know, promise is a promise....."

    "Good boy..."

    "But...that isn't sharp enough"


    "A dagger"

    "Oh my dear..."

    "Need to be sharper..."

    " that so. Don't worry, sweetie"

    He walks slowly with an air, reaches him with his strong arm. A gentle touch embraces them both. Cold bodies draw together with a warm hug--same as what he said in the beginning.

    Everything feel real, except for a greedy look in his crimson eyes and that when that lip is unsealed.

    "Your heart... thank you for granting my wish"

    "Could you stop your devilish grin..."

    "Hee-hee can't, because I'm so overwhelmed with joy"

    "Pretty lie..."

    "Like your lovely dear"

    "Such a disgusting sweetmouth"

    "Thanks...and don't ever forget how much I love you"

    "Stop talking shit and just get goin---"


    Before he can finish his sentence, a hand of that sweetmouth stabs into his chest--a hand that is as sharp as a deadly dagger of Jack the Ripper. And with that demoniac power, it's quick enough to shut the cry of pain.

    The living heart comes out in a second of its owner's last breath, without a single drop of blood and a piece of steel.

    "Sweet dream my dear..."

    His low gusky voice comes out with blissful smile, while he gently drops a souless body on an frosty altar. His eyes still bright and shine as always, like a pure heart child whose wish was fulfilled.

    A minute passed. He holds a trembling heart, examines it with his curious eyes, and slowly taste it--licks it without second thought.


    After his mumble, he crams his mouth with that piece of flesh, simply swallows it without discomfort.

    Some gore covers part of his charming face but he just lightly wipes it with his tongue and fingers.

    Then he bends down to that soporose body and gives it a soft kiss on a sealed lip.

    "Thank you for the meals and I shall meet you again when the time comes..."

    And when he is done with his duty, he leaves that place and walks back into the darkness, while hums a song.

    "The arousal from devouring those hearts never bore me, Arrr... I can't wait for the next one!"

    +++THE END+++



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