kiss the kissed kisses & sonnet69 (poems)rainbowflick17☂️
g,m/ Traveler
  • Have me when I am most free

    The state which all minds dare wander

    And not think of itself as unwanted

    But a tranquil traveler of solitary.

    To be wanted means to fear

    of change, of the world's uncertainty,

    to be unafraid was an ultimate form of purity.

    I am myself,

    I am us,

    us, but all about our own reflection.

    When we rip those fruit out we may

    help each other but when we

    taste that swelling flesh,

    one to one's own pleasure.

    I am not to please you more

    than you please me

    and you shall see yourself

    as separated.

    So be excited,

    If sometimes I send you a letter

    or strip out of my usual habitat,

    the extreme independency

    tear some curtain down,

    While remarking,

    "For your eyes only."


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