kiss the kissed kisses & sonnet69 (poems)rainbowflick17☂️
g,m/ Energetic

  • Let me say, I wonder if the clock ticks slow

    Or we have lost track of the pace.

    I thought the time has traveled far 

    Or did we accidentally race?

    Why rush and bore audiences 

    just to quickly end the show?

    Let the play goes on, 

    and not so fast.

    I have not seen any drama

    with a peak too soon,

    that also for a long time lasts.

    Such greats actors, with skills hard to mimic.

    Nevertheless, quickly sicken their admirers, 

    all started well received, yet repeated

    quite the same errors.

    So keep your poetic rhythm,

    and your wonderful confidence, but never

    too eager to show that you're an energetic player.


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