Silent World
  • Here is my silent world.
    The place where others' voices and thoughts cannot reach me. And so does mine.
    I always wonder why.
    Maybe they just don't even bother to try.
    Or it is me who is in the hide.

    I bare my mind out.
    Desperately hoping that this time will count.
    In the end, someone may finally figure it out.
    Though no surprise no one is hearing my shout.

    You did not mean it enough some say.
    But exactly how much do I have to put through to get your okay.
    Maybe this whole time you have done it the wrong way.
    But what is the right thing in this if I may say.

    Don't be too hard on yourself.
    If it happens, it will happen without anyone's help.
    The one who gets you like nobody else.
    So don't be afraid to do whatever you want and follow how your heart felt.



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