South Africa ใครว่าน่ากลัวkhunhoneyh
Co-operative Edu @DUT (English ver.)
  • Hello everyone! In Chapter 1 I have told you apart about my preparation and experience in South Africa. I think someone would want to know why I chose South Africa and how to get there. So now I'm going to tell you about the work I did during my internship. 4 months, where I work, what works and how do I go? Go back to when I was looking for an internship. At that time, I was at an internship in America. Finally, for some reason, I didn't go there. So I had to find a new training place immediately because it was close to the day I had to train. It can be called my luck. I got help from the Co-operative Department Leader who trained me. At that time, I tried to apply for more, there was one in Germany and another place that the district chief introduced was South Africa. At that time, I immediately had a feeling of interest in South Africa. I said yes and I would like to try going to South Africa as I feel that it is a country where Thai people do not have much information on life, travel and can still find little reviews about this country. So I wanted to go and see what South Africa actually is like, there is more to it than a safari that people will think of when talking about the name of this country.

    My co-operative location is DUT (Durban University of Technology) in the Department of Co-operative Education. It is the university office that helps find internships for university students and also accepts international students for internships in Durban, South Africa. Actually, for international students like me, the internship location will change according to the faculty I study. As someone who came before me from the Agricultural University studying Faculty of Engineering, he/she did an internship at a factory in machinery and production, or another friend of mine from Songkhla University, Faculty of Chemistry, worked at a laboratory. But I studied art science, majored in English. I can do a lot of work. My main full-time job will be done in the Co-operative Edu's office. In addition to coordinating with companies for university student internships, this Co-op department also provides conferences for teachers and representatives from companies. To discuss the needs and development of student internships as well, events are held both inside and outside the university. Working in a co-op Much more detail than I thought. For example, sending e-mails to meeting invitations to companies, checking e-mails, accepting attendance and answering other questions attendees may ask, contacting restaurants and asking for a quote, contacting the venue if Need to use a hotel or other venue for meeting, paper and pen organizer preparation for taking notes. Including meeting information and meeting schedule, if the day is all day, check the availability of the meeting equipment before the actual meeting. In 1 week, there may be more than 1-2 meetings. I had to put in the time to perform each task well so that the work turned out to be nice, smooth, and the least mistakes.
  • By working with DUT Co-operative Education, I have a greater understanding of teamwork, time allocation, and handling of immediate problems. The co-op team has given me a great benefit from working here in bringing it back to work after I return to Thailand.

    Aside from the main work, I was also assigned by the head of the department to do the presentation About Thailand to students in college Heard as well At that time I was so excited because I wasn't sure if I was too excited to make a mistake and talk to a student I have never met. Will they listen to me? After I was presented to the present, I was very happy and proud. All students in all classes are very welcoming and listen carefully to what I present. Speaking to this point, still remembering the impression After every presentation, I can let everyone start asking questions. Right now, what's my favorite thing about as everyone will scramble to ask. Each question is very cute and a really curious one about my country. I know they are really listening to what I present. After that, I also had the opportunity to work at the Coastland Hotel, a 3–4-star hotel. The branch I go to is Musgrave. The first week, I had a regular reception. In the hotel section, I must say that when my colleagues are good, I am more motivated to learn and work. All my colleagues are very nice and friendly. They are very good tutors and jobs, including the Zulu language. Which is the dialect in exchange for teaching the Thai language It's very happy to work. I want to go to work every day, even if I have to wake up early. Jobs at reception My idea is to welcome guests, check-in, check out, see how customers pay. Some of you have made reservations on the website, some walk-ins, and have the reservations included food yet? Then give the key card and give details of the time to eat in and check out time. Sometimes guests will call at the reception that the hairdryer is broken or needs an adapter. I have to call the housekeeper to bring it up. 

    On the second day of my work in the Coastland Hotel, I moved to the front desk. In the restaurant section, my colleagues are more excited to see me than I get to know new colleagues. Everyone is very attentive to my work. But the work in this section, the details are not as much as in Hotel's reception. I have to welcome guests who come down to breakfast, check the room that is reserved with breakfast, and ask for a guest's signature. If a guest is not booked with breakfast, I have to collect the money at the venue and take it to the table. I keep doing this in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Most of the afternoon, there aren't many customers. Most customers are in the morning and evening. I finished my second job at Coastland, but my feelings like this were not over yet I miss and love working here.

  • After that, I returned to working at the DUT Co-op until the end of 4 months of my internship. It is undeniable that working at DUT Co-op gives me more than work. I have a very good colleague, buy my favorite food every day, help me, advise me at work, bring me to borrow books, teach me Zulu language, travel with me, always worried and asked me if how are you doing, I tell from my heart that I am very fine. The environment in my work and all my colleagues have helped me a lot. All of you make me feel like home even I’m far from home. I have gained great work experience and gained a lot of new knowledge. To say that, working at DUT Co-operative Education is No. 1 in mind, can’t deny that DUT Co-operative education is the biggest part of my success. The sentence that still touches my heart to this day is You do not look like Asian anymore, you look like one of us. Since I was there, I can tell you that I have never been racist for Asia at all. I'm proud that I made them accept and say this to me.

    Then after I finished my internship and came back to work at Bar & Restaurant name “The Shot Bangkok”, I was promoted as a manager because the shopkeeper saw potential. In addition to the highly developed English, I also had more job responsibilities. I'm very proud of myself I want to give all the goodness to DUT Co-operative Education to train me so well. Thank you to me for choosing to go to South Africa that day because what I have returned has been a very valuable experience.


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