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Words Matter Speak Kindly.
  •  Today, there is growing understanding in the international community that "special needs" is not a "disease". It is known that they can live quality lives. If they have access to an intensive and efficient early intervention programme, despite the fact that people with special needs have physical, development or behavioral differences. We all have dignity and deserve interaction with respect according to basic human right.

    Each word that we utter influences the thoughts and actions of the people around us and ourselves. If we think positively and talk positively, our actions will also be positive and constructive. Often, parents of children with special needs feel desperate and hopeless due to the words used by people around them who do not thoroughly understand the situation. Starting the journey of understanding on this special road is essential.

    The Rainbow Room Foundation invites you to help to eliminate in using words that hurt, for example “Retard/Retarded” and choose constructive and positive words to show value and respect to those who have special needs. We all are different yet the same. Our differences reveal the potential that help us to fulfill one another as members of in our society. Such differences help to create acceptance, understanding, respect and equality which ultimately leads us all to the opening of limitless possibilities.

    Always remember the following :

    People with special needs are ordinary people. Talk about people in ordinary terms. Never equate a person with his/her special needs, such as referring to someone as “retarded”, an “epileptic” or an “autistic child”. These labels are simply a medical diagnosis.

    Special needs are not diseases.

    Everyone has the competency to achieve their full potential.

    Avoid negative words that imply any form of disadvantage or tragedy, such as “afflicted with”, “suffers from”, a “victim of”.

    What is extraordinary are the lengths people with special needs have to go to and the barriers they have to overcome to do the most ordinary things.

    Promote understanding, respect, dignity and a positive outlook.

    The words we use around The Rainbow Room Foundation.
    Here are some suggested words that we use around The Rainbow Room Foundation to give respect to children and people with special needs :

    Instead of          Mental Retardation, Retard, Retarded, Moron, Mongoloid
    We Use              Intellectual difference / challenge

    Instead of          A disabled
    We Use              A child / person with physical, intellectual, psychological challenge /      
                               A child / person who is difference abled

    Instead of          A special child / person
    We Use              A child / person with special needs

    Instead of         A Down's child / person
    We Use             A child / person with Down Syndrome

    Instead of         An Autistic child / person
    We Use             A child / person with Autism

    Instead of        A child / person with brain damage
    We Use             A child / person with Cerebral Palsy

    Instead of        A person with learning disabillity
    We Use            A person with learning difference

    Instead of       Short attention span
    We Use            Limited attention span

    Instead of       Disorder
    We Use           Difference




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