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I cant say a word
  • I cant say a word.

    That I hug you,
    That I call you,
    That I try to look straight into your eyes,
    Because not a word could be pronounced.

    I feel so lonely in my soul even if there are too many people around.
    No one can comfort me.
    No one will talk to me.
    And no one really try to see me.

    If you had a god-know-all perspective, you would see a demon inside of my body.
    It hasn't a horrible look,
    Nor has it a scary shape,
    It is as resemble as me, but it's not who you know.
    Maybe I don't even know.
    This demon does frighten me in the way I cannot explain.

    That's why I write this to warn you.
    That I don't say a word doesn't mean I don't feel a thing. 

    Mon 20 November, 2017  8:28 pm thanks to her who calls me in the very time I need. 


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