PoetryClaire de lune
  • The blue sky was my track.
    The zephyr was my train.
    I wandered forth and back
    And rested when it rained.

    I could still recall the time I embarked my odyssey on
    This Aeolus' express. With me, I brought none but hope
    To find a heavenly place where I could be adorned
    With the grace of a divine perfume and purpureus robe.

    Forlorn, I sure was, for I travelled in solitary.
    O wished I, that I shall end up in a joyous hill
    Where I shall be embraced by the rest of my family.
    From the sole seat of the coach, I gazed at the clouds that fill
    The grey gloomy dome. Now, my desperation had swelled.
    Then, from the thunderous titans, holy tears fell.

    And with them, I descended to a rocky plain.
    My soul trembled amain.

    The gales wheezed swift through the canyons,
    But my helpless self wouldn't lift.
    That must have been my destiny.
    To cross the River from this cliff
    Never to see any companions.

    How pathetic
    To wish for the jollity.
    How tragic
    To be so lonely.

    But then I found you, my sunshine.
    As the abyss of despair was calling me,
    You bourgeoned from gravelly debris
    And soothed me with your kindness: "All will be fine".

    My hope regained its prosperity.
    My stem pushed through the sorrow barrier.
    We went through stormy adversity,
    Yet we flourished alongside each other.

    You were the blanket when Jack Frost nipped at my nose.
    You were the shade when the tempreture rose.
    You were the twinkling stars. I was the shining moon.
    We stayed forever and would part nowhen soon.

    At last, no joyous hills are required,
    No heavenly places are desired,
    Nor more winds to gust swift,
    I shall crave none of that no longer,
    For I need just a rocky cliff
    Where you and I can bloom together.



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