PoetryClaire de lune
  • —the morning light pierces through the silent misty wood—

    Breaking Willy’s wild dream, waking up the world—

    “How are you, beautiful?” say the laughing lads—

    “Wonderful, thank you!” says the smiling girl with her knotted limbs—

    (The Bell strikes 9 times) White Dove leaves its crowded noisy nest—

    “In time,” the rhythm of life harmonised (Hello Miss Secretary!) (Hi Mister Notist!) —

    (The Bell strikes 5 times) Dusty doves slumber silently—

    Legs after legs resume their course (Goodbye Miss Secretary) —

    An old lady falls during the daily rite—

    The sun dwindles, and she prepares to finally rest —

    The windows are yanked open, and they holler—

    “We’ve saved her! We’ve saved her!” —

    Her family cheers and joyously gazes at the living casket—

    A blue buzzing Fly lands on the casement—



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