PoetryClaire de lune
Two Doves
  • All land has two doves.
    Two doves in the steel Cage.
    It pricks the free wings 
    And ensnares the bleds.
    But two? Why two? Says who? Why two?
    Is the Cage too oppressive for three
    Or too dismissive for one? 

    But they say it has always been two.
    Only two and always two.
    But says who?
    Says here on the little Cage.
    See? Plain and clear. Two.
    But what if there were one?
    No. It'd be lonely. Only two.
    Why? Mind is but one's. Or three?
    How sick! Two! There must be two!
    But why? Then they won't be lonely.
    Ugh! Because it was made that way!
    What? The doves or the Cage?
    The land! The land made two doves!

    All land has two doves?
    Two doves in the steel Cage?


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