PoetryClaire de lune
I love my headphones.
  • I love my headphones
    That I use to listen to music all day.
    Someone asked me
    Why do I put it on all day.
    I said, because I hate—

    I hate the clamour of people
    That rings here
    And there.
    The more I bore,
    The more submerged
    I was pushed under the water.

    But ironically enough,
    I also hate the time
    When everything turns silent
    Because that's when
    The whispering starts.
    On and on, it continues
    Telling me every detail
    I hate about myself.
    The words I said.
    The things I did.
    The thoughts I had.
    My calloused heart.
    My apathetic soul.

    I know—
    I know the barrier
    Cannot last forever,
    But for now
    This is the only thing
    I have.

    Oh, how I love my headphone
    That I use to listen to music all day.



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