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Without 2020, 2021 won't happen "thanks to 2020 that you have taught me a lot."

  • SOMETIMES you just have to move on, it doesn’t matter how painful it is, how bad you feel, how horribly you got hurt. 

    YOU have to move on, because life moves on, because the time doesn’t wait, and because – at least, sometimes – the clock helps.

    TOMORROW will erase today, and what existed yesterday is already lost in the universe of the inexistent, where the dust of regrets and the shadows of all the “I could have” you uttered die a painful death. Move on, it doesn’t have to be quick. Start with one step, the second will follow, like a loyal lover running breathlessly down the steps to join his beloved half.

    YOU can find particles of inspiration reading this beautiful quotes about moving on. The trick is finding your strength in the words of others, people who lived the pain you are experiencing now, people who know what it means to be Stuck in a moment you can’t get out of. At the end of the day, the answer is simple: let go, stop holding on… and move on!

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