Short Stories by Claire de LuneClaire de lune
  •      I open my eyes and realise that I'm in a big cube: white, as if made from the purest cotton, bright, as if there are hundreds of light bulbs in it, though, any light generators seem to be concealed from being seen. No escape to be found, except a head-sized hole on the wall. It's almost impossible to guess what is the use of it since anything can be possible. Maybe on the other side of the hole, stood an executioner waiting to use his weapon against whoever nosily sticks their head out of it. Or maybe it's for visitors to gaze inside this cube. Ridiculous. It might just simply be an escape. Only God knows and she won't easily tell me. Obviously, I'm not Moses, Noah, or whoever mentioned in that book written by humans. I'm just a being. Here, on Earth, just like you all. Is this cube on Earth? Does it matter? Since I can't escape from it anyway. Why is it so important to be known? Why do we have to know what we can't make use of it? 

         Beside me, lie three God's most beloved beings. One is a man, blond, about 70, in a black suit and red tie. I've seen him in a box contained with moveable humans when I was still in what humans called "zoo". He was talking about walls and stuff I didn't understand. He's breathing, albeit barely and slowly. Ah. I miss the feeling when I escaped from the zoo. People screamed. Fresh air hit my nostrils first time in the century. It was the greatest time since I was born. I'm hungry now. Is there gonna be food delivered here like when I was there? If not then I may not have another choice of a repast. Another is a female human with a shirt read "world's conquerer". This one seems to be so proud of their existence. However, you'll die one day, no matter you like it or not. You will be forced to flow with the wind, to lay back in the ground, back to the mother earth. This is not a choice, but an obligation. So, to correct the phrase, it should be "world's conquered". Her backpack is full of animal corpses: squirrels, elephant's ivories, horns, antlers, and everything from animals that you can think of. 'Damn, she is a real nature destroyer', I thought. The last one is wearing clothes I have never seen before. There is a white blanket around the body. His fingers are full of golden rings. This one must be really rich. 

         Why am I here? Why are they here? The latter question appears to be dull. Why? Because they are everywhere, these beings. They call themselves the "civilised race"; however, their purposes of life are hardly different from Bacteria or other species. Live, reproduce, and die. Those are the main purposes of every being. The only advantage they have is that they have the ability to destroy other species by calling it the "privilege of God's most special creation". They kill an elephant or a wolf for ivories or fangs. They destroy the whole forest just to plant their own plants. They flood the whole mountain to build a goddamn dam for their comfort. They raise their own benefit above everything: animal lives, environment, even parts of their own species. They oppress the members of their own people just because they have different skins, different sexes, different sexual orientations, different races, different political standpoints and many more differences. But how come they don't realise that they can't get rid of unlikeness. They have to live with it and get used to it without any exception; otherwise, they will be completely wiped out by themselves.

         I slither to the first man and rush onto his chest at the moment he opens his eyes. Shocked, he can barely say a word. His face goes white, almost the same shade with his light blond hair. Poor guy, I think. He was always talking in that box. I barely knew what he was saying, but I could feel his feelings. Rage, hatred, and selfishness. He shouted, pointed, did his hand gestures. His chest stops moving as if fears that it will accelerate his death. I hiss to ask whether is there anything he wants to confess before seeing the creator and being judged, but nothing comes out of his mouth. Obviously, he can't understand me. I bite him at his larynx so that he cannot scream. The best torture is to prevent someone from doing something set by their nature. Now, he is lying agonisingly. Soon, he will face the creator to confess what he has done and beg for mercy he knows he does not deserve. Humans are strange. They always do something without thinking and regret after the incident is too bad to be alleviated. Is this the species which is self-proclaimed as "the one above all"? The second one has awakened to consciousness. She stares at me as if to check whether I am alive or not. Of course, you fool, I am. I slowly creep to her while she retreats to the corner of the cube. I firmly reach her leg, her body, and now her neck. Her eyes are now back to closing, but this time, intentionally, for fear that I will do something to her shiny, black eyes. I slither into her mouth and then through her neck. She apparently wants to scream but the only thing she can do is to beg her so-called God to end this fast. After her breeze of life stops flowing through her body, I rescue myself to the cube through her chest which leaves a hole full of her red liquid. 'The last one', I thought. He has already awakened and witnessed the process of punishment. He rushes to the hole calling for help. Suddenly, he stacks his head out and screams as loud as he can. The next thing I hear is the sound of a knife cutting through skin, muscles, and bones. His head falls out of his neck at the same time his body falls back to the cube. The pure, white floor of the cube is now dyed in red. His clothes are no longer light and white but soaked with the fluid of sudden guilt and sin of destroying the creator's proudest creation. Nature. As red as rose. Now rose does not stand for love anymore but rage and punishment of nature. My mission ends here. I have already fulfilled my purpose and now I must return to the bosom of Mother nature.


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