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JK'S 2
  • Personally, I wish I had something specially excellent.

     There is a phrase "Everyone is not perfect" in the lyrics of the new song "Lights" to be released this time, but I love this part. You don't have to be perfect, you feel comforted. People around me often say, "It's perfect to dance and sing!", But that's not the case at all. I wish I had one extraordinary talent. I searched for it and tried this and that, but now I want to find out what I need and do my best to make it my own. Meanwhile, listening to this song makes it easier because it doesn't have to be perfect. Oh, I'm not particularly good at it, but there are things I'm not good at. It's a matter of using your head! This is really no good (laughs). It's a new song and "Boy with Luv" is also a very good song. After all, in BTS songs, dance choreography is a little easier. That's a nice point for me (laughs).
     After all, if you continue to stand on the stage, it is difficult to completely replenish your physical strength. At the end of the live, it seems that I'm unknowingly forcibly squeezing my physical strength. The day after the concert, my body may get stuck due to myalgia. So now my top priority is not to get injured. I want to be able to manage myself better, including building my body. Eh, are you the most confident Persi in yourself? Ah ... (laughs). Well, where is it? I don't even know. I will do my best to become a better book!



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