May we stay lost on our way homelocationunkn0wn
13 - เรื่องตลก
  • let me tell you my tragic story
    oh but you'd rather it be funny?
    how could I even laugh when
    I have not a single cent

    let me tell you about my life
    oh you're busy spoiling your wife?
    sorry to be a bother
    I shall leave now with my ill mother

    let me tell you how your plans don't work
    oh you want to talk about your perks?
    your sympathy needs not be shared
    what I really need is proper welfare

    let me tell you a comedy
    oh and now you seem happy?
    so glad to be of service
    you can laugh whenever you see fit

    the biggest joke is

    let me tell you my final wish
    if you can't work, it's time to quit
    rotten to the core and you smell
    I truly hope you burn in hell


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