TRIVIALmaggie mae
truly, madly, deeply
  • Dear Peter,

    I think I got bit by love bug right now

    And it is because of you, completely

    I cannot even explain how overwhelmed I am in this starry warm night with you running in my head

    and no one will never know how insane I am when my soul was flying to you

    It is been a long time my fucking heart did close, cause they broke mine into a thousand pieces, even they knew how delicate I amー

    But I truly hope, and deeply believe,

    you will embrace all of that shit pieces and nourish them with the rest of your wonderful pieces

    Because you brighten meー

    what I fear does never exist

    And at this moment

    I just realized,

    how sweet it is to be cherished by you 

    With thankful heart of mine,

    Your Wendy



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