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Music Around the World: ‘Mela Koteluk’ - The Sound of Poetry
  • Lately I have been interested in Polish culture a lot. Not only because I have been there twice last year, but because I’ve discovered so many talented and unique artists from Poland as well. I remember when I was sitting in an Airbnb apartment in Krakow with my mom, I looked up ‘Polish indie music’ on Spotify, then I discovered one playlist which contains a lot of great Polish indie songs I’ve never heard before. 

    That’s when I discovered some interesting artists from Poland, but not until two months ago when I was texting my Polish friend about music..

    Who’s Mela Koteluk!?

    When me and my Polish friend were talking about ‘Polish music’ as we have a lot of mutual interests especially in music. She then introduced me to more Polish artists and one of them is ‘Mela Koteluk’ which she sent a link of Mela’s best hit music video called ‘Melodia Ulotna’ and added,

    "Check her out! She's one of the most famous singers in Poland".

    The first thing I liked about the music video is the melody is so fantastic! I’ve never heard such a unique sound like this before, and the singer’s voice is also amazing. I didn’t understand the whole meaning of the music video so I looked up the translation of the song but it didn't help me so much since I believe Polish language has a lot of metaphors and is very poetic itself. 

    But after Melodia Ulotna, I started to look her up on Spotify and listen to her albums, I’m not an expert in describing genre of the music but I could say that Mela’s songs are so good and I believe almost all her songs are very poetic and have rich meanings behind them. 

    Odlatujemy: This is one of my most favorites from her as well, the music is brilliant

    Ogniwo: Great atmosphere, playful melody and lovely Mela!

    Stale Płynne: One of my most favorite live videos from her

    Songs about the stars 

    Recently, Mela has released her latest ‘special’ album called ‘Astronomia Poety’ with an amazing band ‘Kwadrofonik’. The songs in the album are also a tribute to Polish poetry ‘Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński’ -to my understanding, all songs were re-write from his poems and it’s such a wonderful work, rich with piano and percussion sounds and Mela Koteluk’s uniquely beautiful voice. 

    I somehow really wish I could understand Polish language in order to have a deeper understanding of such beautiful poems and lyrics. 

    Astronomia Poety

    The Brightest Sunshine 

    Other than her music, I also discovered how Mela can be such an inspiring person and I’ve become her fan in no time after listening to her music and followed her on social media. She is also a very kind and bright person who keeps sending positive energy to everyone around her and those who follow her as well. 

    She also inspired me in so many ways and I think it’s great to have someone as an idol or someone who inspires you to create and be happy with whatever you’re doing. If  the pandemic situation ends I will find a way to see her in one of her concerts for sure. 

    So, now you know her: Mela Koteluk! 



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