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Srinagar Tourism
  • Srinagar, the mid year capital of Jammu and Kashmir is a land favored with one of a kind regular excellence. The Dal Lake, the Mughal gardens, the sanctuaries and mosques of Srinagar give the city with a one of its very own kind appeals. For Kashmir explorers, Srinagar is without a doubt an unquestionable requirement visit place. On the off chance that you have plans to leave on a voyage through Srinagar, this movement control beneath will demonstrate accommodating. Peruse on-

    Srinagar is notable in the midst of the stunning sovereign summer capitals in India. Being the capital of India's most delightful state Kashmir; Srinagar has by and by been under a ton of political disturbance as of late. Anyway since the wild occasions of 2003-2004, the city has patched up its security and vacationer offices and is presently a sheltered and agreeable goal for travelers. The city is extremely lovely particularly in the late spring months when, Srinagar touring it draws a large number of vacationers from India and abroad.

    Vacation spots

    Srinagar has bunches of delightful arranging, spouting wellsprings, socially rich landmarks and magnificent regular magnificence. Its nurseries and lakes are of uncommon enthusiasm as they have beautiful structure; There are numerous dazzling nurseries in Srinagar as under.  there is all best tourist attraction that you can add on your Srinagar Packages Srinagar Packages 

    Nishat Bagh: The nursery named Nishat Bagh is arranged right on the bank of the acclaimed nursery of euphoria. It's exquisite arranging and rich foliage has earned its name as Garden of Bliss.

    Shalimar Bagh: The Mughal Garden which flanks the flawless Dal Lake as developed by Jahangir is known as Shalimar Bagh. This is otherwise called Garden of Perfume.

    Nehru Garden: This is 15 km away from Dal Lake and has genuine floricultural practices worked by Jammu Government. Test nearby Khawa here and in the event that you are fortunate you may have the option to witness the 168 assortments of Tulips sprouting in the Tulip garden.

    Hazratbal Mosque: This is a celebrated mosque and likely the most excellent strict landmark in India. The mosque is marble white and there are a ton of alternatives outside for examining Mughlai and Kashmiri tidbits.

    Hazrati Youza Asouph:
    This is otherwise called the tomb of Roza Bal and furthermore sideways alluded to be the tomb of Jesus. Photography notwithstanding, isn't allowed here.

    Shankaracharya Mandir: This is one of only a handful barely any Hindu sanctuaries in Srinagar. There is a 25 stages trip to the sanctuary which is roosted on a hillock and the spot has an astounding perspective.

    Landmarks of Srinagar are wonderful like the Pari Mahal and Parihaspora ruins. visit website visit website to read more


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