(2018 edition) 1-15 Songs Challenge

  • 1.
    Your favourite song 


    But I want to promote my boys so here we go

    Simon Says by NCT127

    Yestoday by NCT U

    Songs that make you happy

    Wide-Eyed by Cold Weather Company

    I found this song by accident but it gave me that vibe, it gave me that feeling, like life gonna be okay,

     like you gonna meet the love of your life then you two gonna walk along side each other 

    no matter how life gonna throw things at you. 

    Songs that make you sad

    Asleep by The Smith

    I listen to this song every times I feel down. 

    Western song you like the most

    THIS IS HARD!!!! I CAN’T JUST CHOOSE ONLY ONE SONG! But if I have to choose I gonna choose 

    Save the last dance for me by The Drifters

    I fell in love with this song long time ago. It’s nostalgic. One of my life-saver song.

    Childhood song

    สุขกันเถอะเรา by สุนทราภรณ์

    My dad opened this song a lot when I was young. I remember hear it every weekend morning through Radio. 

    He always cooking us breakfast with his huge smile on his face and dancing along with it.

    โอ้ละหนอ my love by เบิร์ด ธงไชย

    the first tape I ever bought. I remember begging my dad to buy it 

    because I had to create a dance routine with friends in primary school. 

    And P’Bird is awesome, still awesome and will always be awesome. 

    And all Johnny’s jimusho Artist, NEWS, KAT-TUN, HEY! SAY! JUMP, T&T 

    + SJ and TVXQ before 2010, these are all my childhood songs.

    Song that you never got bored listening to

    Stand by me by Ben E King

    the best of the best 

    Songs that make you want to dance

     Boss by NCT U

    Because everything that have happened to me for the last 2 years, I kinda forgot what it’s like to feel that electricity while dancing. 

    I lost that part of me because of pain and sadness. I used to release those emotion by dance it out 

    but this time sadness consumed me and I lost that passion. 

    But the first time I heard this song and saw choreography I was like “wowww” and my body scream “DANCE JJ DANCEEEE” 

    well yay so I choose this song. (and it also keeps me awake while driving as well lol)

    Favourite song from Favourite band

    This is super duper hard to pick just one song from one band!

     So I decide to choose more than one song HA! (i pick only from band tho)

    Yellow by Coldplay

    It’s time by Imagine dragons

    Space and Time by Wolf Alice

    Shine by Years and Years

    VCR by The XX

    One day by Kodaline

    Shake it out by Florence and the Machine

     two of us by flumpool

    10 endless summer by NEWS

    Your karaoke song

    If I ain’t got you by Alicia Keys

    I rarely go to Karaoke. But I sing this song a lot while driving. 

    Your wedding song

    Flightless Bird and American Mouth by Iron & Wine

    I actually make a playlist of my dream wedding song but this song is the first one I think of. 

    This is the playlist x

    Song that you want to send to your ex

    All for you + If you’re over me by Years and Years

    I have mixed feeling toward my ex. I’ll always love him, I still do. But things got hard and fell apart. 

    We went from being best-friend to lover then nobody to each other. 

    After we broke up, I tried to save our friendship the best I could (because I always see him as one of my best friends as well) 

    but every relationship at least take two person involved and I can’t save it if he didn’t want to. 

    So yay… that’s basically it. These two songs somehow perfectly represent something between us.

     It’s my side of the story no one at that time like to listen or see. 

    Song that remind you of someone you want to forget

    Everglow by Coldplay

    It used to be my and my ex favourite Coldplay song. He played me this song on his piano after the first time I shared it to him. 

    He hugged, embraced and told me he loves me while coldplay played this song in the concert. 

    It’s our song. There’re memories. It got too vivid in my head every time I heard it. I still can’t listen to it without thinking of him even now. 

    Song that mean the most to you

    Shake it out by Florence and the Machine

    This song always give me the strength I need whenever I’m in doubt or trouble or sad or broken.

     It’s the medicine I need. Florence and the Machine wash my soul with their songs and I’m healed. 

    So this is the song. The most important song of my life. 

    Love in the ice by Tohoshinki

    Florence and the Machine is my high-school til now life-saver era. 

    But Tohoshinki (TVXQ) was my childhood life saver. This song has helped me and my sister 

    through some hard times in our life when parent decided to go separated way. 

    Song that explain “you” 

    FEEL. by Kendrick Lamar 

    I feel related to this song because of the explosion of feeling. That’s how I feel when I’m down. 

    That’s how I feel when they all left me behind. 

    I of the storm by Of Monster and Men

    I fell in love with it since the first time I hear it. I see myself as a messed up broken girl who got scared of everything. 

    And I’ve been like this even before they broke me and after everything that happened I took so long to heal 

    but deep down I still an alien inside this body. I’m still alien to other people. And it’s really hard. But I’m okay. 

    เพลงที่ชอบที่สุดในปี 2018
    2018 song

    Don’t Delete the kisses by Wolf Alice 

    Wolf Alice released this song on Aug, 2017. But I found this song earlier this year. 

    After I met Khai, Timothee and then Jungwoo and Doyoung, I feel like okay… I like them I really really like them. 

    So from that miserable confused looking girl who think she can’t fall in love again, they turn her upside down 

    and then she found out she healed enough to fall in love again. 

    Not just for other but for her own sake as well.



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