• We are all looking for something in our twenties:

    looking for a dream job mighty enough to change the world, looking for progression while relating to age-mates as rivals, looking for a way to settle down that would ensure a stable life up until old age, looking for love which we can cling onto when getting tired.

    We have been looking for so many things that the delightful times turn dreary as days go by.

    Dreaming about changing the world? Huh, even changing ourselves is tough.

    Dreaming about settling down? Hey, try finding a job first.

    Whatever we do, it seems like someone would stick their feet out to trip us to the ground all over again.

    We start to whine about growing up and drift away from dreaming about becoming old like this to no longer seeing which direction our lives should take, no longer knowing how the future would turn out to be. This stage is not as fun as expected when we were kids at all.

    The stage is known as ‘Quarter-life Crisis,’ i.e. the period when people in their twenties have to face the truth that the world is not that simple, dreams are just dreams, and the future is only a room void of lights.

    This book is the capture of those moments by 'TUNA DUNN', one of the people in their twenties who got stuck in a dark room as well.

    QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS, however, is not a comic strip based on Tuna story yet derives from observing the happiness, sadness, loneliness, and fondness of her coevals with hilarious and ridiculous sentiments.

    It is said that we will pass our Quarter-life Crisis when we set eyes on the truth, accept that something can be just a dream, and perceive that in this world countless human beings are crazy, delusional, and lost just like us.

    The following 100 stories may represent those people

    who would come, pat our shoulders, and say to us:

    laugh, oops, live in the moment.




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