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  •   I have chosen the book which is also well known in a movie version “Me before you” I watched the movie long time ago and it became immediately one of my favorites.

       The reason I chose this book is because  I wanted to read in a book version to see if I will have another images that different from the movie version on my own while reading.

       This story is a love story that young woman who has to work to support her working-class family “Louisa” was hired to take care of “Will” the man who had perfect life but has to stay on the motorized wheelchair after the accident. They fell in love but sadly Will decided to end his life because his own reason he doesn’t want to live a life like this even though Louisa asked him to stay but he chose himself first.  

       From reading this book I have leaned about love of course and also one thing that can be related to the lessons is social media is not everything but to be with someone we love is.

       I honestly didn’t use any special technics while reading because i didn’t want my reading to be fast but I read it slowly and deeply to use my imagination to create the pictures which are different from the movie version

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