May we stay lost on our way homelocationunkn0wn
09 - เผา
  • Burn, baby, burn.

    Fire, fire. Things set ablaze. Against the pitch-black night, it shone crimson red. Crimson red - the shade so similar to blood. My comrades'. My comrades whom I was told are aliens. Different. Not our kind. And I wondered why. Because our blood is of the same shade. Crimson red.

    Fire, fire. And now it's catching.
    Watch out, watch out.
    When we pleaded, you ignored.
    When we cried for help, you scorned.
    When we came in peace,
    you fought back with bullets.
    Now it's too late for regrets.
    Watch out, watch out.
    For that crimson red fire means
    our patience has run out.
    Crimson red, shone ablaze.
    Fire, fire. 
    Burn, baby, burn.


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