May we stay lost on our way homelocationunkn0wn
06 - บันทึก
  • why do words exist?
    to be scripted, to be read, to be heard

    but what is the worth of a book
    with no readers
    a voice
    with no listeners

    bottling up inside
    these words, these voices
    needed somewhere to go

    so I write, I write, I write
    all my pain, and my pleasure
    my past, bruised and battered
    my history, my fantasy, all my insights
    of how I stay and how I take flight

    so I write, I write, I write
    the ink rushing, swirling, spurting
    like blood flowing through my veins
    that still keep me alive

    I keep on writing
    in hope that one day
    my words would be read
    by you


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