London in my mind.bemyhoney.
In this cold night, I love London a bit more.
  • 4 /12/2019: Note to remember

    Tonight is the night that I want to remember and kept this good feeling in the best place of my heart.

    I went to a pub with my western friends, that bar is quite local, not big, nothing special just a place filled with vintage games - like Mario karts haha. Anyways, it was a Karaoke night so if anyone wants to sing just write down name and song. The vibes are so good, I mean it's really relaxing and full of positive energy. Then my friends urge me to sing after he performed a hilarious "Don't wanna miss a thing" by legend Aerosmith. At that time, I was not confident in myself and too shy, imagine you were the only Asian in the pub and you have to sing English song in front of them haha my god! But because the vibes are so good and I somehow I manage to find my courage to go out to the stage, grab the mic and sing "If I ain't got you" by lovely Alicia Keys....And suddenly my heart was fulfilled by people there. They clapped, smiling, singing along and even do the flashlight ocean thing for me haha so I sang my heart out loud and fuck all the pronunciation man! It's all about feeling haha. And it ended up with lots of applause and cheers, strangers cheering for was the moment that I felt so alive. The thing that I love about staying here the positive aura from people, they encourage me to sing, to do what I want, to step across my boundary in the heart. It makes me realize many years did I spend time caring so much about what others will think about me when I'm being me. This moment built up my confidence, I feel more happy about being myself haha. It was another lovely night in London, in a small local bar full of western and yeah-ME, Thai girl with a broken soul (that got mend tonight).

    Just feel so happy and think that I should note this, too precious to just let it go haha. Anyways, Good night every broken soul.

    P.S. Even London right now is too cold to be alone and too dull as shit, tonight I fell in love with this city a bit more

    Cheers Mate,


    (Typing this post from London + bloody cold weather)



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