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my January in an Autumn
  • At night, i miss my good old friend.

    I miss you so much that those memories are rewinding, bringing me back all happiness, humour or even sadness. That we were in classroom, in canteen, at the swimming pools. That i was with you.

    I miss you for most of the part of my life. And im regretting that i cannot be the same old one who stayed by your side, who would have lunch with you, who would go to school to see you, and who signed up a Twitter account to contact with you.
    Im sorry.

    Still, i would hope if it is possible one day i can often meet you again, i can visit your birthplace, and i can go anywhere with you.

    I love you. That’s the matter of fact.
    I have loved you for more than a half of my life, and i wont ever know what else can stop this feeling but the death.
    Only the death that would cut off my love for you.
    But you might know, my soul is always with you. It’s always been there since the first day we met on grade3, since the first hello you ever said to me, and i know i would never ever forget that.

    5th May,2018 ; 10:41 pm.  


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