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the Matrix(1999) -- not a movie review but the application
  • I'd watched the Matrix (1999) a few months ago, yet just realised an answer for myself.

    I found this society corrupted; do not know what other words should be said. 

    experiencing crowded people since the beginning of the day is the real crap (for a life that is supposed to live in order to fulfil the life)

    in the film, humans are controlled by some other things. 
    but in this world we see, we live, we are in, has gone dramatically down. 

    too many problems happen and have never been truly dealt with that they still remain for decades; the global warming, the natural disaster, the polluted environment, and the continuous confliction; all that are caused by humans. 

    I'm quite convinced that if there's really something using the most out of human capacity, they won't ever let these happen, because it's the waste of all resources. 

    think to yourself, is there really something further than us, 
    than us, the human, who was born to use up all we have, 
    all the next generations would have? 

    after all, I do not know the exact solution as I stay on the earth ground just like you. 
    I was born from love, raised with care, and live with happiness 
    as if I know what deliberately each is;
    all seem to be able to fulfil one human life. 

    doesn't it? 

    -- after read dis, u might form your answer. just keep it well and hold on to your hypothesis until someone proves it wrong. 


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