Does that matter ?mintpinkish_
Sweet dream!
  • At that night,
    You fell deeply in the depth of your fluffy bed.

    Sleepin on the nap by the side of a pillow, you only wished for a good dream.

    A song was played till its end, and a new song, and a new song...
    Six, you had listened, or seven, maybe. You’d never know.

    Your cheeks got wet and the dried eyes, the weary eyes.

    That was when the Evil had come.

    No longer a dream of everyone you love smiles and laughs.
    Not a dream of dad and mom sit, together with you, watch our usual tv programme.
    Not a dream of the ideal world you’ve been looking forward to.

    What lasts for you is the horror; a whimpering girl, a dead beloved, a wordwide fact of lies, a successive materialism, a land-sliding fucking-high-temperatured world. 

    What lasts for you is the readiness to be taken away from the body, 
    At that night. 


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