Internship in Bremen, Germany 2019Beam Chunyanuch
  • DAY 01 (17/06)

    The magnet we ordered is coming!  

    We start our plan we already discuss on the weekend. First, we continue do the block that we have already print out last Friday. We do the circuit of 3 blocks, LED, switch and battery. 

    The LED is now inside the block and light up through the transparent window. We did not close all the wall of the block yet because the solder with magnet is sometimes move and we need to fix it. 

    Also, we need to concern about the magnetic field that the block is connect because some side it is push together and can not connect.

    We test it many time and fix it many time too because of this problem; 
    • The solder with magnet is easy to unbound. So, we need to solder again and again.
    • The magnet that pop outside is not smooth or do not pop equal the other one on the same wall cause that when it stick it has only one magnet stick the other block. But we need two for electricity can pass through.

    It closed to finish! Remind that the kindergarten will come to play our prototype this Wednesday and we need 3 prototypes for them. Hurry!

  • DAY 02 (18/06)

    Every blocks was now close. The battery block has the door that can open for changing the battery and the battery was put orderly in the tray.

    Because of the solder with magnet is too difficult and easy too broke. So, we change the way to connect the wire with magnet by pin the wire  between two neodymium magnet because it is very powerful magnet. The wire can not move anymore.

    When every blocks is finish and completely close. It's time for designing part. We choose the battery block in green, LED block in purple and switch block is in yellow.

    For children can draw and protected the block from water. We enamel our design with transparent sticker but the sticker is not stick so good. So, we smear it first with UHU stick.

    Now I think it look beautiful and cute for children to play. We hope the kindergarten will like it. But there is another one think we need for tomorrow activity.

    This is something like the manual to give to the kindergarten teacher for help and teach the children while they are playing.

    Everything is ready for tomorrow now. Nadine tell the schedule of tomorrow for us. We need to come before 9 am. The kindergarten will come about 9 am but they will eat some snack first before playing with the blocks. 

    The kindergarten teacher will observe if the children seem bored they will let the children play another thing. Nadine estimate the time that kindergarten will play on one thing is not more than 1 hour. We will see tomorrow.

  • DAY 03 (19/06)

    We come very early about half past eight in the morning. For final test and fix. 

    Before the kindergarten come. We prepare the space in the room and every equipment on the desk ; blocks, manual paper and whiteboard pen for children if they need to draw something on our blocks.

    Finally the kindergarten come. They are very cute and small. Unfortunately, we did not allow to take the picture of the children. There are 2 teachers and 6 kids.

    At first, the teacher let them play with their wood blocks for a while and then give our block for them. They try to connect it together with magnet first. Take not too much time finally they can connect 3 blocks in the right way that can press the switch button to turn on/off the LED.

    Then they try to combine our block with their wood block. They imagine our block to be many things like house, fortress or spaceship. 

    The activity go very well. And we went back to these question what we have got from observing the kindergarten played with our blocks today.

    How do the children use the wooden block? What do they build? 

    • The children use our block adapt with their wood block to build many thing as they imagine. For example spaceship, house etc. Also, using our block and press the switch while hold it at the eye level to be like the camera. Amazing!

    How is they handling? Are they able to play or construct with the block?
    • They be able to construct our block in the right way by taking not too much time. At first they seem to be confuse but they trying till it work by turn around the block to find the side that can stick together. Smart kids :)

    Do they explore the functionalities of the blocks? Do they understand what is happening?
    • They can light up the LED with 2 blocks in short time but when have the switch block, they explore to construct it in the right way by remembering that the switch need to be in the middle. But I am not sure they understand the electricity or not. Because they are too young.

    What are the obstacles for the children while playing with the blocks? 
    • The magnet is design for arrange in fix position. So, some side although it is the matching plus-plus and minus-minus but it can not stick because of magnet is pushing.
    • The hand of the door on battery block make the children very curious and try to open it. It can cause the problem with the circuit inside.
    • The switch is too hard for some kid to press.
    • The construct inside easy to broken when it drop on the fall.

    Do the children do something unexpected, surprise with the block? 
    • They imagine our blocks to be many thing more than we expected. One kid use our block as a spaceship. Turn LED on and off as the start of the motor of the spaceship. Another one use our block as a flashlight. Others combine our blocks with their house. Many of them fun to play with our switch and they seem very like our LED.
    • Also, the kids can play with our blocks for a long time more than I expected so much.

  • DAY 04 (20/06)

    From discussion with Nadine. We found that we need more equipment. So, she recommended us to go to Conrad store by ourselves because ordering online maybe waiting for a long time.

    Before going, we searched everything we wanted for check the price in . Nadine said that we can bring the bill to her and she will pay back. Not more than 50 euros.

    Since the travel is so far and we wait the bus for a long time. Hence, this day we were not do any thing so much. Just talking, plan and buying the equipment then back home.
  • DAY 05 (21/06)

    This is the equipment we got yesterday from Conrad store.

    Today we started rebuild the blocks again by the requirement that discuss from Nadine yesterday. One part of the block will be the transparent acrylic plate for children can see the circuit inside. The switch was changed to the new one that can press easier and we add on the new block, motor block.

    We also start doing the report too.

    We have the appointment again next Friday, 28 June. To send this second prototype.


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