The story of my lifeSirapat Asawakowitkorn
My life in Walailak University
  •              Studying at Walailak University for nearly a year is such a new experience for my life. In the beginning, I already knew some of my friends because they were from the same high school with me so making friends wasn’t a hard thing to do. The tough thing was to manage myself and adapt in every serious situations. I need to study more courses than the time when I was in high school. At first, I felt tired so much because of all these lessons but after trying to manage my time, I still had some leisure time to do lots of things. Suddenly, I realized that my life was getting into a real freedom. This university helps me feel peace and free in the same time because of its wonderful view. The garden, forest and mountain makes me feel relax every time I look at them. I hope that I can keep my life this stable along the time in Walailak University until the graduation.



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