The story of my lifeSirapat Asawakowitkorn
My decision in the university's lifetime
  •              Last year in September, it is my first day in Walailak University. After a long vacation, being back to school seemed to be lots of fun. Firstly, I stayed with my friends from my old school which they were great to spent time with but my feeling inside still needed something different. Then, I tried to meet someone new. Because I was really talkative back then, I could have lots of friends at that time. During the time, staying with many people made me realise that I still needed some personal space. After that, I chose to stay with some of my best friends and went around the town alone. In my opinion, I think the reason why I want to stay by my own is because the chaos around me which happens all the time. I always compare the time I had spent with my friends and the moment that I travelled around by myself. Even I think that staying with friends is not peaceful at all but sometimes I still need that time. Currently, I think I could manage my feeling and my time normally. I feel great that I can share all my experiences with my best friend and still can stay along to live a life. Finally, I just hope my story will help someone who worries about their lives' decisions to figure out their own solutions and choices.  

    Here is the picture of me and my very best friends, Bow and Hong. We are all cheering for you!



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