• it attacks you when you least expect it. you're at home, doing whatever it is you usually do, some mundane tasks you need to complete each day, and you think listen to some music might be nice, so you do.

    and out of nowhere the lyrics take you back to the other day when you were with that person. the memories take you back to the soft hands and warm fingers you can't get enough of. before you know it, you do it without really thinking, you look at your own hands, the space between your fingers, and you can almost feel the familiar touch between them.

    at this moment it's so bad because you're helpless. you don't know what to do. you look at the clock. it says 9.50 pm. what should you do?

    you're left with no other choices but to write.

    (and you can't help but smile a little, because you know you can look forward to the next and the next and the next time you'll be able to really touch that one person you miss.)


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